Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Creepy Make-up and Money Issues

Well, this week has been quite a week already.
Starting today my dad no longer receives money on me from the government, so I'm
thankful for every day from today that we have internet, I wont be able to
get it very much longer, I'm sure. My cellphone included.
It's also why I'm grateful to everyone who comments and views my blog,
I seriously appreciate it in more ways than I can think to say.

Anyways, I decided to do some creepy make-up for my friend Sodie.
It would have turned out better, but I had no black make up.
All, well.

I guess it could have been worse, but still.
What do you guys think? Creepy enough? I hope to redo it with the make-up kit

I'm getting for Christmas. My mum knows I know, but she's still making me wait until Christmas to actually get it. Kind of silly, non?

Anyways, my money issues have doubled, if not tripled today alone.
I'll write out the entire thing, so as to communicate exactly how much annoyance this has caused.

Starting last February 2010, I invited my friend Sierra to her first year at Naka-kon. I guess she had fun enough, because we started planning for her second year, to get a room with a few other friends, and split the bill. In total, this year, it came to $36 for the 7 of us. For a while, things were nicely planned out, and all was well. Until my dad decided we were going to move. The trouble started with this, and I should have taken it as a sign, even when we decided not to.

Anyways, after I was told we were going to move, I started tying up loose ends so people that were going still could still go without having the price raised on them.
So I got the other main person that was going (Alice) in contact with Sierra, so they could talk and make the plans for Naka-kon, and keep everything put together.

And for me, I finally had everything tied off, and it was over for me.

And then, I found out we weren't moving after all. What's that mean?
That I have to untie and retie all the ends that I had previously done, so I could rework myself back into the Naka-kon plan. It wasn't a big deal but I had to let everyone know, and factor in my budget once again the price of going and eating.

Anyways, a few weeks later, Sierra's mum deicdes that we can't use her credit card to hold the room, and we need to find a way to get it otherwise.
So my friend Alice decided we could use her credit card to get the room,
and Sierra's mum agreed to be there as back-up in case Alice couldn't use her card,
and it was all going well.

Then our fried Jacob decided he might go with his other friends instead of us,
which would raise the budget to something I couldn't afford, so I'd have to drop out, making it raise to something other people people couldn't afford, and so on.

So my mum stepped in, and said she would pay Jacobs amount for the room, and we could all still go, and it'd be fine. Great! We're all set, and we don't have to worry now!
Then Sierra talked to the other people. Angelo wouldn't have his money in time, and Steven might not even be able to go at all! What the- when did all this start to surface!?

Sierra decided she could cover Angelo's half with his word he'd pay her back.
But Steven- he couldn't do so. So we had to go off to search for another person to take Stevens place, or we couldn't go due to pricing- again.

Anyways, we found my friend Patrick to go, and once again, everything was seemingly fine.

Oh, but-- what's this now? Now, my friend Alice is backing out. She's going to go with her Anime club (or something like that), and stay with them. I've been texting her all week, and had done so today as well- why am I just now finding this out from her, when I had to post on her facebook wall? I'd like to know why she couldn't have told me when I had money to make it up.
This really screwed things up now.

My friend Krysta, who's only 13, said she'll pay half of the $36 to stay in our room with us, and I can pay the other half (because I originally wasn't going to charge her anything at all).
And then we told Sierra's mum that Alice backed out, and we needed to use her mum's credit card to rent our room for the weekend.

Oh, but then, her mum gets so angry, and decided she's not letting us use her card.
Why? because we might trash the room, and she doesn't want it to be her fault.
She trusts us, but she knows nothing about the other girls.

My dad has not only met the girls, but their parents, and her mum refuses to talk to my dad about either of them, to convince them that they (we) wont trash the room.
Why would we do that, anyways?

Oh, I forgot. Because we're kids, and we've got nothing better to do than to spend $50.00 on a badge to a convention we're only pretending to go to, so we can spend 3 days trashing the hotel room, to ruin her mums' credibility.

That must be it, right? Of course it is, that's our plan.

We're currently trying to figure something out.
With or without Sierra and the others, I'm going to Naka, I just wanted it to be with my friends.

XOXO - Smiley Girl❤
(who's not so smiley today)

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