Monday, January 10, 2011

Oh, wow. Animal Parade review?

So, I got my game "Animal Parade" a few days ago (Harvest Moon) for the Wii.
I love this game! There's so much more of a plot to it, and they make you work much harder to 
get the bachelor or bachelorette to fall for you, which takes ages if you're focusing on the plot, raising your status to Hero, or something else.

It's also incredibly hard to choose a guy (in my case) though, but I usually go for the Wizard (Gale):

He's just incredibly adorable! I love this photo, but in the game he's a bit more cute.
Since the blonde-ish hair really compliments his darker (tan?) skin tone, which also plays on

bringing out his eyes a bit more.

Geez that's adorable~
The girl in the picture (first one) if from the game Tree of Tranquility, her name is Akari (Angela).
The girl from the 3rd photo is Hikari (Molly).

You can play as both main characters in the game Animal Parade.
It's really annoying, though, that you have to go mining to find ores and such to use your equipment after you upgrade. Yes, you go have that upgraded fishing rod all you want, but until Ramsey forges you a new item, you can't use it.

It sucks.
That's about the only drawbacks, though. I really enjoy this game~ I bought it from
Took a while to get here, but it did eventually. I contacted them after it had not been shipped out on the first day, or the second, and they apologized and gave me a ten dollar refund!
It was $29.99 with FREE shipping. I was so happy~~~~

On my last blog I said I'd draw a photo, and I did~! Just not New Years related.
Keeping in my Animal Parade madness and not being able to choose between Gale and Toby,
I'm writing a fan fic about both of them.
In the latest chapter, Hikari (Molly) went to a festival (I made up) and had their photo taken.
This is the photo I drew with THAT photo in mind (Okay, I used a BASE, so I didn't draw the people. But everything else I did~ base from DA).

So, yeah! That's this blog!

Goodness... it's snowing... I hate snow! I could really use some Starbucks.

XOXO- Smiley Girl❤

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Years!

Happy New years, everyone!
Did you all have a good year, what did you do?

I didn't do much myself, I wont celebrate New Year until February 3rd, and that still
isn't the big celebration everyone is thinking about.
I'm thinking about seeing if a few friends want to go out to eat on the first Saturday
of February, but I don't know if they'll be able to go.
It'd be fun, though!

Oh, I'd like to apologize to everyone for not commenting on their blog like I should!
Things have been really crazy, and I'm starting to try to study more, and actually get off my

butt and learn Kanji so I wont be so illiterate (I swear, if there were any more letters in the English
alphabet, I'd not even be able to read English. I'm so lazy).

I'll try to be better about it, now, so please continue to support me, too. I really appreciate it~♪

So, since I don't have the make up for a new years make up,
I'm going to draw a probably new-years related photo for my blog~ I wish I had
more to write about that has to due with new years, but I don't, sorry~~

Anyways! Good news for me~! I found out, after a while of research,that I do not need an
attorney or lawyer present for a name change- which I had thought the case.
My aunt is a paralegal, and she said that I needed one for sure to change my name.
Glad I didn't take her word, or I'd still be really depressed.

That means, a name change shouldn't be more than $300.00 for me! Which is the same amount
my room for Naka-kon just about cost me. Had I known this I would've said to forget Naka for now, changed my name, and then got a job to pay for it. I probably would have ignored Naka at all this year had I not promised my friend Krysta I'd be in the Karaoke contest with her (we're singing Hitobashira Alice, still, probably.) and my friend Sierra that I'd room with her.

But still, all in all, good news.
I'm so excited!

Oh, also, my friend Alice paid me for the room, like she said she would.
I'm glad about that, too. I was really annoyed with my parents saying I was never getting the money.
I hate how they have so little faith in my friends just because they haven't met.

Bye bye!

XOXO - Smiley Girl❤

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Oh, look, I sing!

Okay, be honest. How many of you knew I liked to sing?
Well, I do! And I've uploaded a few to my Youtube account, which I am also using to upload any PV (personal Videos) I might decide to do, too.

I had to make an entirely different account because my " xRiiiNx " account was hacked-
and all of my videos were just deleted. I announced my account had been hacked on my account after I saw it, and even changed my password. But when I came back, my account was deleted.
Not sure how it happened, but oh well.

This is my new account→ Action Kanon


Here is my first PV to Rin Kagamine's "Meltdown" called "Roshinyuukai ato" (炉心融解後)

 I used my new web-cam that I got for Christmas.

Anyways, here are my singing videos~  




That's all I have so far. I really wanted to record a video of me singing in English, Korean, and Spanish today, but I don't feel like getting all dressed up- I probably wont all week. But when I do I wont be in that silly uniform, haha. I'll be in a cute outfit~! Or at least a cute top.

That's all for now, bye bye!

XOXO - Smiley Girl❤

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My life's plan.

So, I just had two more friends move to Japan, a few days ago.
I should check my E-mail more often.

Anyways, that has made me think about what I'm going to do.

For now, I'll sit on my bum and get about $20.00 a month, and save it.
It will be spent on nothing for now. Not food, not my dogs food, not anything.
And then, sometime in the far-off future, I'll change my name legally.

Then we can start moving~~
and I'll get my G.E.D under that name, the name I want to have, and I'll study to get a scholarship
of any kind- anything I can get to get me in to a community college,
So I'll study to get my degree in what I need to enter in to the Jet Program, where I teach English
in Japan for a bit. I could not only see my friends, but get to be an English teacher-
I already am one online, least I could do is study it so I get paid, I suppose, haha.

I know some people are thinking,
"Why don't you just live with your name, and get you G.E.D?"
But my name, to me, is so ugly! I hate it so much~! ><
My surname is just not pretty. It sounds so mean, and just... UGH!
It has nothing to do with my dad, it's just an ugly name, and that's that. Nothing pretty about it.
Not like I would have kept it when I got married, anyways...

But my mum... she just has bad taste in names.
"No one else had your name when I gave it to you!"
Bull crap. It was the number 3rd most popular name in the entire country!
You got it from a stupid T.V show did you think you were the only one to steal the name from it?
Jeez~ ><

So I will get my name changed, and I wont do anything before it.
My name makes me feel ugly ,and I don't wan to keep it- but I don't mean offence
to my family (at least not my dad) or anything like that.

I don't know what'll happen in my life, but if my name doesn't change, I wont either.
And that's my position on that.

Now, wish me luck on getting what  want done before I'm forty~

XOXO - Smiley Girl❤

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ebay- I finally got my pen!

Hey, everyone! I hope you're all planning a happy Christmas!
Today I had to pick up my pen I ordered from a shop on Ebay called profashional_accessory, and I ordered a cute bunny pen with Korean pen writing on it. I ordered it in early November, expecting delivery no later than Dec. 15th, but giving a little lee-way of a few days.

The item:

I e-mailed them, I had no idea why I had not received my item! It'd been more than long enough.
Apparently, the USPS had updated their website, but Ebay didn't update at all.

The post man tried to deliver my item, and said he left a notice. What lies from the post man!
We received absolutely no notice he had even been here. Of course, I thought at first it was the senders fault, but that's not so.

Anyways, they sender was just perfect! They sent the item like they said, even express at the request I sent for them to add $2.00~ my post man just screwed up.

(Note: I recommend this seller fully, they not only did exactly what they were supposed to, but helped resolve my issue when I mailed them. Item is so cute!)

Anyways, I had ordered the bunny pen, this is what it looks like:

Isn't it way cute? I love it!  It was supposed to be a birthday present, but I waited so long,
I think I might just keep it. I might even have to order the other designs~

100% on this seller, no doubt! They're helpful, sell cute items, and have great shipping~
you should definitely buy from them!

XOXO - Smiley Girl❤

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What's up with me?

Wow. I don't have many interesting things to say, anymore.
I'll tell you about things lately.

First off, it's 4:47am on Tuesday, and he's been not acknowledging whenever I speak to him,
and it's starting to get on my nerves. I'll just not talk at all then.

I went to the V.A hospital with my dad yesterday, I really just went because I wanted to get coffee from the little coffee shop inside there, but also because I don't trust him to drive long distances on his own anymore. You know, 'cos he's old and stuff.
We get there, and we discover that they have started serving Starbucks coffee now!
Which would have been great, but they only have a quarter of the menu Starbucks has.
Did not make me a happy camper.

But, I got a drink so did dad.
I hadn't eaten after about 5:00 am, and didn't get another chance until 4:00 or so.
We got to the V.A about 10:10am and got out about 3:49pm... way too long, I tell you.

At the Starbucks, I saw an old guy trying to decide what to order. The man asked for something with ham in it, and they didn't have any. "All we have is something with turkey in it" she said, taking out the Sandwich and showing it to him. "Does that have ham in it..?" he asked. "No, sir, it's turkey. We don't have ham." "Well I don't like turkey, I like ham." "I'm sorry, sir." "Fine then, give me that." She handed him the sandwich and told him his total. "What you got to drink?" he asked. "Coffee, tea, and water, sir." she answered. "What kind of coffee?" he asked; she named the coffee types to him. "Well I don't want none of that. You don't got no coke or nothing?" "No, sir. We have Frappuccinos..." "I don't want a frappuccino, I want a coke." "We don't have coke, sir." "Fine what kind of tea you got?" "Chai, mango, peppermint..." "What about green tea? Do you got green tea?" He asked in that "I guess you probably don't even have that, do you?" tone of voice. "Yes, sir. We do." "Fine then, I guess gimme that. Can't believe this place don't got no coke or nothing."

Honestly, what a jerk. Just because you're a Vet. doesn't mean you can treat people so rudely.
Aren't, when you're in service, you supposed to learn respect?


Well, anyways it's almost Christmas... I'm dreading going to my mums. Everything she does annoys me, no matter what she actually does for me, and I have no idea why... I guess it's because everything this year is so close together, and I'm so stressed, and she keeps making things complicated.

I think I'll do Christmas make-up though.Like, themed. Kind of like my turkey make up.

I also am not able to get my game that I really wanted... I suppose I could get it later, but...
I don't know when I'll have the money,
I'm disappointed... 

Monday, December 13, 2010

My 18th Birthday~

Hey, everyone! Guess who?
I'm just here to write about my birthday, and the basic things.
I really wanted to show pictures of the things my friends got me, but I don't have the photos.
So I'll save that for another blog post~!

I also plan on reviewing the people whom made my cake, but that is also for another review.

I know what the date says, but my dad just refuses to set the date on his camera.
Anyways, the reindeer with that bird- that's my Starbucks' Christmas theme~! So happy
that I got this cake, it was delicious.

And again- this time with the candles.

This is a picture of me with some friends and family.
From left to right: Kat, Jade, my mum, Kenny, Jolene (sister) and I.

Look at Kaitlin in the background, just being a good Employee!
Anyways, this is Myself, Sierra, Kat, and Jade.
Poor Jade, she just was so sleepy, hehe~

We were photo-bombed! Jade tried to sneak in, too, that silly Korean~❤
I realize my mouth is unattractive here.

Look at Kat & Genni- being all 'look at me' outside in the cold, haha~!
In Genni's world, everyone dances.

Krysta's giving Jade a halo while she's trying to strangle me,
and Kat's making it look like a show she should be selling tickets to~ haha.

Krysta drew this awesome piccy herself, it's so awesome!
She's a great artist~ yup, yup!

Look at Genni, being all like "what it do!?", hehe.

Genni looks so stuck up in this photo, and Jade looks metal.
Kat, on the other hand, is looking at them like "wtf is wrong with you people?", ahaha.

Fact: I was about to die from the cold.
Fact no.2: I have a cold now.

Yes, that is T-mobile in the background~ haha!

Anyways, those are just the pictures I'm going to share right now~
Things are a bit hectic, so it might be a bit.

Bye bye!

XOXO - Smiley Girl❤