Friday, December 10, 2010

V's Ristorante - Italian Restaurant.

Well, today's my 18th birthday- Well, the night of it.
Anyways, my dad took me out to eat at a restaurant called
" V's Italian Restaurantaka Ristorante~.
I've been here a few times, and I usually order what's called "Manicotti"
which is pretty much Italian Ravioli~

But this time, I decided to order the Fettucini Alfredo for $16.50 U.S.D~
quite expensive, but so worth it.
Anyways, after they take your order, they ask you what you would like to drink,
and then bring you some bread, white & pumpernickel, and a salad.

The Salad, so yummy with the house Italian dressing. It usually comes with onions and a few cherry tomatos to top it off, but me being me, I don't like them, and  put them on my dad's plate. I did, however, have pepper and parmesan cheese put on, and it was so delicious.

This is my tea, the best tea ever (to me). It's peach tea, and it was (I have to say it) very peachyI have it every time, and I would go there just to drink it. They also have other flavours.
In the background you can see the bread & butter they give you~ my dad had already take a slice of the white bread. I usually eat the Pumpernickel, but I was just too full.

This was my main course- My lovely pasta. There was so~o much of it, much more than it actually looks like there is in the picture~  I had to bring it (and my desert) home in a to-go box because I couldn't finish it, haha~! The Pasta was lovely, though~ recommended!

I know you can't see it well, but that desert is the 2nd reason for my existance (because we all know Starbucks is my first). It's the Tiramisu for $4.95~ It's cookies soaked in Espresso, layered with Mascar-pone cheese, chocolate cooki crumb crust, and chocolate syrup- think about it! It was so yummy~♡

Anyways, this is a great restaurant, and I can't wait to go back again.
The service was wonderful- especially, if you go during a less busy time of the day.

Here's a link to their Menu, check it out:
V's Entire Menu


XOXO - Smiley Girl❤

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