Monday, November 29, 2010

Morph Thing Babies!

I don't know if anyone's heard of this site or not, but it's brilliant!
The site Morph Thing lets you create morphs of celebrities, and see what their
children would look like! But what I find more fun about this, is that you can do it yourself!
I mean, with your photos! It'd be kind of funny to see what  your child would look like if you married Chewbaka, wouldn't it? Well, you can here. It's way cool~!

Of course, I've already tried out the site. 
I've morphed Daniel Radcliffe and I, my friend Jade and I, and some others.
Take a look if you'd like~

This is a Child of Emma Watson and I

Dan and I's first Child;

And our Second.

This is Jade and I's first Child~ 

And our Second. 

This is Ayumi Hamasaki and I's child~ haha!

This is Zhang Zhiyi and I's child~ 

I love to do this in my free time, it's fun to see how you look mixed with other people~ haha.
On most except for the last two, I apologize for making the babies look so.. mixed-asian-y.
I can't help it, haha~!

Anyways, check it out, and post a link to your photos in comment, I'd love to see them! 

XOXO - Smiley Girl❤

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Anime eye, Lenses, Anime Cons, and Vocaloid

Hey all! So, I really wanted to do an anime eye make-up, but I didn't really have the
eye liner, or the make up to make it as pretty as I wanted to.
So, I did the best I could with my little left-over eye liner, and eyeshadow.
It was kind of fun, but I'm still a bit disappointed I didn't have what I needed to make it pretty.

All in all, with what I had to work with, it was kind of fun. But still, not very happy.
Anyways, all the black is eyeliner, the pink is lipliner (actually very underused, haha), and the rest is just white and pink/purple eyeshadow~~~ it's over, none-the-less.

On the bright side, I'm getting my free pair of lenses from
MyCandyEyes soon! I ordered the teary brown lenses for their more natural look.
I'm so excited, you don't even understand! I hope they're going to look nice, and natural.
What do you guys think about it?

I think it's so pretty and going to be very natural looking~ at least I hope, haha!

Anyways, it's going to be February soon. February 18~20 is an Anime convention called Naka-kon that I'm going to be going to (all 3 days) with my friends. I'm not exactly into the whole Anime scene, but it has a Karaoke contest! And I am all about karaoke, or singing in general. So far, my friend Krysta and I have planned to sing "Hitobashira Alice" (Human Sacrifice Alice) together, but I'm trying to think of a back up song just in case. Have any ideas?

Anyways, I finally have all $50 saved up to pay for my badge, and $30 out of $36 for my room.
Way happy~! 

Oh! Vocaloids!
I have my latest video uploaded to my Youtube account!
Rin & Len Adolescence with Eng. sub

anyways, thanks! Please follow and/or comment, I really appreciate it!

XOXO - Smiley Girl

Again with the Vocaloid videos!?

Awhile ago, I started making Vocaloid videos of songs I like with English subtitles under the name
Koinosakurayo. The last video I had posted was of Gakupo's Virgin Butterfly, but it was deleted due to the sexual content I (knowingly) put in to the video.

I'll upload a new (less sexual) version to youtube later, but I'll upload the original here:

While I understand why it was removed from youtube, I did warn that it had sexual content in it,
so I am a bit upset. But like I said, I'll redo it the best I can, along with my translations of
Rin and Len's Adolescense music, and I'll upload it to here, and to my youtube.

I hadn't thought about it when I first made this blog, I hadn't even thought about putting my Vocaloid English/Japanese videos and such up here! I'm so slow, these days...
I think, tomorrow, I'll probably do some make-up that's vocaloid related, I'm not sure though.
But I probably will, haha. Just for fun! (I mean, it'll probably be more Halloween make up, but fun, none the less. I guess I should try to make regular make-up posts too, though, huh? Haha!)

Well, that's it for now! Please follow my blog, and sub to my youtube channels!
I list them here:
Vocaloid Video Channel
My friend and I's channel

My Personal Channel

Harvest Moon addiction

Okay, so I admit it.

I have a Harvest Moon addiction!

Has anyone heard of this game series?
(Or is the correct question, who hasn't heard of them?)

Anyways, just in case you haven't, I'll explain a little bit:

Harvest moon is, basically, a farming game with a cute plot to it.
In the earlier games that I've played, you are only able to play as a male,
who's (I'm guessing) default American name is Jack:

I first started off with playing as this guy, in Harvest Moon: Another wonderful Life.
The plot in this series half, is your father has just died, and you move to the Valley to start your
own farm and ranch, trying to become a big success. However, a key part in this game (and all
games of this series) is to also get married to a young lady, have (and raise) a child, and run your farm all together, while trying to steer your young son in the right direction.
(Your son, and only son, can chose from a few set carries. You can either encourage or discourage his interest in things to get him to chose your favoured carrier.)

In later games you play as this chick:
The plot is basically the same, but now you can play as a girl, instead of a boy.
(Game: Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life - Alas, you can still only have a son.)

And after a while, you just get hooked on trying to get the best products out of your animals, raising the best crops, and woo-ing the bachelor(ette) of your choice (with eventually raising your son).

Although, let's talk about my current favourite Harvest Moon game, Tree of Tranquility.

You can play as one of the characters you see in the above photos, as a boy or as a girl.
(The girl's default name is Angela, I believe.)

In this game, not only do you get to choose your gender, but you get to choose the gender of your baby, as well! During the game, you do the usual: Farming, wooing, raising animals, ect cetra., but this time you have to do a bit more to succeed. 

This time, the Harvest Goddess is in trouble, and needs your help! You have to first restore all the rainbows on the island, then find the true seed for the new tree of peace (the old tree has long since dried up and died). Also, you can work part time jobs in the game, which is helpful for having your hearts raised with the (wo)man you choose. 

You can also, after having a child at least 1 year old, decide to create what is known as a "Journey Rucksack". Which means, you collect a few things, and take them to the Harvest Goddess to make for you. Then, you can give it to your child and continue the adventure as them! Keeping all the money you made previously, all item skill levels up to lvl.3, and once you rebuild your barn, all the item makes your purchased.

I haven't played the one placed after that, where you get to chose between two different styles of the girl and boy character. The two from Tree of Tranquility, or what looks to be the adult version of Owen and Angela's son, or Luke and Angela's son.
(The game is called: Harvest Moon: Animal Parade)

Cute, non?

Well, anyways, the newest game I have from Harvest Moon is called Harvest Moon: Twin Villages (or "Futago no Mura", because I have the Japanese Version):

In this game, what I've learned so far (which is not too far), is you start off apparently moving to a new village to start your farming life. On the way, you crash, and are knocked unconscious. When you wake, you're 'greeted ' by the arguing of the mayors of the two towns.

Long short story, you can choose one town.

The town Blue Bell is a Western Style Town that focuses on raising animals.
The town Konohana is a Japanese Style Town that focuses on growing crops.

When you decide on your town, the mayor will show you around, and give you the clothes that fin the dresscode for the style of town you've chosen.

If you chose Blue Bell, your clothing will be this:

If you chose Konohana, your clothes will be this:


The beginning of the game (where I'm still at) is quite slow, and you learn to use the controls
for the game, and for a few tools you have for farming.

I'll let you know when I've found out more, but I've been a little busy, haha!

Bye bye~

XOXO - Smiley Girl

Friday, November 26, 2010

Venom Energy Drinks

Recently, the local conbini ran out of my favourite flavour of Venom- fruit punch:

I love it because you get a bit of energy, and I love the flavour!
The fizz with the fruit-punchiness is just great for me.
I use strange terminology, I know. I can't help it, though, awesome drinks make me strange~!

Anyways, I had to buy the Black Manba flavour instead:

I was bummed I had to get a different flavour, but I tried to keep my mind open to
the other flavours, no matter how gross they sounded to me.
I paid for my drink, sat down, and opened the lid, and took a quick drink.

So, what did it smell like? That red cough medicine your mum used to have to force you
to take when you were sick, and ended up getting on the walls from refusal to take it (or is that just me?).
What did it taste like? Fizzy cough medicine.

Just how I feel, it didn't taste good to me at all. And it brought up bad memories.

I was not happy camper.

But, oh well. I guess when you need an energy drink like I did,
beggars can't be choosers, right?

Maybe next time.

XOXO - Smiley Girl❤

Happy Thanksgiving! (Part 2)

I promised a part two, didn't I? Well, here I am~!

So, I did a fun make up (like for halloween!) style that's
could be considered leaves/feathers, and then I got into the glitter.
And, it's just a good time to put on creative make-up sometimes and see what
happens, right? Good, glad we agree, haha!

For some reason, it reminds me of Mardi Gras~  I've no idea why!

Anyways, here you go:

Well, I might've had a bit too much free time at 1:30 in the morning
to do my make-up like this~ xD

Anyways, I wouldn't wear this out obviously, but how fun
is it to put on make up like this, eh? Haha!

Anyways, I might get around to doing an actually make-up test run

sometime... I have a blending brush now!

I know, I'm excited too! Haha~

 XOXO - Smiley Girl❤

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving! (Part 1)

Hey guys, so this blog is just a quick 
"sending you happy wishes" blog, wishing you all a happy
Thanks Giving, and hoping you have a wonderful holiday!

For people whom may be in Canada: how was your holiday?

I can't wait to hear how it went for everyone!


the reason I posted this as 'part one' is for the reason that Thanksgiving
dinner wont happen until relatively late for me, and I wanted to post a blog today and let
you know that I'll be posting another one.

The "Part Two" will either happen today (late at night) or tomorrow (early afternoon).
At that time I'm going to try a 'turkey' look for Thanksgiving, and maybe even give an
"Autumn" look for Autumn, too! Who knows, though I'm sure I'll do one or the other at least.

The turkey one sounds more fun, though~ 

Anyways, hope everyone has a happy Holiday! Best wishes!

Bye Bye♪

XOXO - Smiley Girl❤

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm a classy hooker!

Right now, as I type, I'm at my sisters' house in Kansas.
She was Lady Gaga for halloween, and said I could play around with her wig,
and she also gave me a pair of AE jeans for Christmas (I assume).

So, after she left, I put on my hooker tank-top, new AE jeans, and got into my
sisters make-up. Then I put in my big-blue angel circle lenses, and went-to-town! >:3
Oh, yes. I hooker'd it up, baby!

Or at least, I felt like I did. My friends referred to me as a 'classy hooker' so,
I went with that as the title~~~~ xD

Pics, anyone? Yes, let's :3 As a beginning, I'll show you me without the wig!

Kind of scary, non? I promise I look much better wit concealer on, and such! I just...
Felt like giving you a before picture~ hehe. Also, all these are taken on my DSi, so I'm sorry
if the quality is pure crap, I can't help it, it's all I have right now (I didn't bring my camera charger).

Anywho, continuing on with the pictures~ these are more 'hooker' like:

Don't I look like a Marylin? I feel like Christina Aguilera,
in her show Burlesque, haha! I don't know why, I guess because I
feel like such a show girl! Maybe I should start dancing?

What am I looking at, you ask? Who knows,
maybe I've just seen God?

Oh, my! I remind myself of Lady Gaga in her "Bad Romance" video
with this little photo :)

Classy hookers have hats! Yes, it's true~!
We also all have curly blonde hair && blue eyes~ :D

Okay, that's all I've got with the photos from my DSi~ :)
If you see anything sparkle in the photos, I promise you
I'm not from Twilight.
(Inside joke, sorry people x3)

Anyways, I have a few more pictures of my friend Jenelle and I
doing a chat on webcam, they're all just silly photos, though, haha.

I'm in awe of her hair :)❤

Psh, look at us, lookin' like a good time :'D

Check it out, check it out, check it out!

Haha, she lives ages away from me, even by train. But we make it work :3
It's a lot of fun chatting with this chicky right here! :D

Anywho, the make up I used was just concealer, brown eyeshadow, liquid eyeliner,
and glitter, and for my lips, I had a light pink lip liner, dark pink lipstick, and gloss.

Simple, yes? :3

Don't forget the circle lenses~!

XOXO - Smiley Girl❤

Claire's POP ROCKZ make up review

I recently went to Claire's inside of my local mall, and found a cute make-up set
called "Pop Rockz" for about $10.00~

It contains purple eyeliner, pink lipgloss, pink & blue mascara, and eyeshadow in the
colours Yellow, Purple, Blue, Pink, and Gel eyeshadow that goes on clear glitter.

Here are hte eyeshadow colours:

On the inside it contains a make up tutorial that I thought I'd give a go.

Here are the pictures:



Full Face:

Although the results aren't too bad, it's not very good.
You're supposed to put the gel eyeshadow on first, and then apply the colours
as on the box (which I did), but they didn't seem to want to stay on there, at least not
very vibrantly. It's good kids make up for a halloween costume, but I wouldn't really
pay $10.00 for it, it's worth is only about $3.00 in reality.

I didn't wear them in the photos, but I'll mention it here.
The purple eye liner doesn't stick so well if you apply it on your skin, and it wont stick (or
at least it wont show up) if you put it on your waterline, so I was very disappointed about that.
The Mascara, also, is very low quality. It will only apply on some of your lashes, and it likes to clump together a lot, so it looks silly.

All in all, I'm so disappointed I wasted $10.00 on this.

I definitely wont buy make-up like this from Claire's again~ :(

XOXO - Smiley Girl❤

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dariya Palty Juicy Peach

Okidoki, so, now we're going to be taking a look at
Palty's JUICY PEACH hair colour~ :D

It is a cute, innocent, sweet-heart colour, if I do say so myself.

I purchased this colour from Babykula on Ebay for$14.00 (rounded up).

(This store is great, I love it. First time buying from them, and I will
of course buy more hair colour, and other items from them!!)

They shipped the item the day after I ordered it, and  I received it 3 days later.
I couldn't have been more excited! I wasn't able to colour my hair until Saturday,
and I had received it Wednesday. It was torture to wait so long, let me tell you.

Anyways, skipping ahead.

It's Saturday, around 6:30am and my mum finally says she'll colour my hair, and we begin
the hair colouring process. (I leave to my mums' house about 5:30- so 6:30 was a long time for me)

Opening the box, we received the instructions, items 1 & 2, a brush nozzle, gloves, and the
hair cream rinse :) The mix in bottle No.1 smells like usual hair dye stuff, but obviously not as strong as usual American hair dyes.
This is thicker than American hair dyes, too, and if you don't use it sparingly you may run out a bit quicker than you realize.

I have short hair just above shoulder length, but very thick (I have to get my hair thinned 4 times a month thick) and the colour was enough to do my entire head.

I mixed the items together, got it applied, and left it on for 30minutes (YES, I realize the directions say 20, but it also says no more than 40 minutes, so I went inbetween).

Anyways, I loved how the colour came out after it was completely done.
I think it would have been a bit more the colour I was hoping for had my hair not just been bleached, but I can't complain about the colour as a whole.

Also, depending on the light and camera, the colour your hair looks in a photo & on film will
vary, so  you might want to use a nice camera.  Here are pictures taken in various places, with different lightings:

DSi pictures - High (artificial) Light

Cell pic - Artificial light:

DSi Picture - Low (artificial) light:

DSi pic - natural lighting:

Camera pictures (with flash) - Artificial Lighting

As you can tell from looking at the pictures, the colour is pretty
nice in all types of lighting, but I definitely prefer natural or with camera flash
to really show it off.

It did not make my hair dry at all, my hair is in great condition,
despite the things I put it through before colouring it with palty in the first place.
(before colouring it with Palty, I had my hair bleach blonde for 1 week, then I
coloured over it with dark brown, for about 2 weeks, then I used )

In other words, I recommend this hair colour if you're looking for a nice pink/red/brown
mixed shade, this is definitely the colour for you. It turned out just the shade on the box for
what my hair colour was at the time (the darker shade of the lightest colours), and it didn't kill me with that over powering hair colour smell (I mention this again because I'm really thankful for that~ American hair dyes not only kill me with their smell,
but never take to my hair).

I'll be buying hair colour from the Ebay seller again without question,
and I'd definitely use this colour again when it comes time.

A 10/10 for the Ebay seller, and product.
I couldn't be happier.

(MEMO: being new, if you guys have anything at all you'd be interested in a review
about, I'd love for you to let me know, and I'll see what I can do- I am only 17 and working on a budget, so please understand that ^^★)

XOXO - Smiley Girl❤