Friday, November 26, 2010

Venom Energy Drinks

Recently, the local conbini ran out of my favourite flavour of Venom- fruit punch:

I love it because you get a bit of energy, and I love the flavour!
The fizz with the fruit-punchiness is just great for me.
I use strange terminology, I know. I can't help it, though, awesome drinks make me strange~!

Anyways, I had to buy the Black Manba flavour instead:

I was bummed I had to get a different flavour, but I tried to keep my mind open to
the other flavours, no matter how gross they sounded to me.
I paid for my drink, sat down, and opened the lid, and took a quick drink.

So, what did it smell like? That red cough medicine your mum used to have to force you
to take when you were sick, and ended up getting on the walls from refusal to take it (or is that just me?).
What did it taste like? Fizzy cough medicine.

Just how I feel, it didn't taste good to me at all. And it brought up bad memories.

I was not happy camper.

But, oh well. I guess when you need an energy drink like I did,
beggars can't be choosers, right?

Maybe next time.

XOXO - Smiley Girl❤

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