Sunday, November 28, 2010

Harvest Moon addiction

Okay, so I admit it.

I have a Harvest Moon addiction!

Has anyone heard of this game series?
(Or is the correct question, who hasn't heard of them?)

Anyways, just in case you haven't, I'll explain a little bit:

Harvest moon is, basically, a farming game with a cute plot to it.
In the earlier games that I've played, you are only able to play as a male,
who's (I'm guessing) default American name is Jack:

I first started off with playing as this guy, in Harvest Moon: Another wonderful Life.
The plot in this series half, is your father has just died, and you move to the Valley to start your
own farm and ranch, trying to become a big success. However, a key part in this game (and all
games of this series) is to also get married to a young lady, have (and raise) a child, and run your farm all together, while trying to steer your young son in the right direction.
(Your son, and only son, can chose from a few set carries. You can either encourage or discourage his interest in things to get him to chose your favoured carrier.)

In later games you play as this chick:
The plot is basically the same, but now you can play as a girl, instead of a boy.
(Game: Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life - Alas, you can still only have a son.)

And after a while, you just get hooked on trying to get the best products out of your animals, raising the best crops, and woo-ing the bachelor(ette) of your choice (with eventually raising your son).

Although, let's talk about my current favourite Harvest Moon game, Tree of Tranquility.

You can play as one of the characters you see in the above photos, as a boy or as a girl.
(The girl's default name is Angela, I believe.)

In this game, not only do you get to choose your gender, but you get to choose the gender of your baby, as well! During the game, you do the usual: Farming, wooing, raising animals, ect cetra., but this time you have to do a bit more to succeed. 

This time, the Harvest Goddess is in trouble, and needs your help! You have to first restore all the rainbows on the island, then find the true seed for the new tree of peace (the old tree has long since dried up and died). Also, you can work part time jobs in the game, which is helpful for having your hearts raised with the (wo)man you choose. 

You can also, after having a child at least 1 year old, decide to create what is known as a "Journey Rucksack". Which means, you collect a few things, and take them to the Harvest Goddess to make for you. Then, you can give it to your child and continue the adventure as them! Keeping all the money you made previously, all item skill levels up to lvl.3, and once you rebuild your barn, all the item makes your purchased.

I haven't played the one placed after that, where you get to chose between two different styles of the girl and boy character. The two from Tree of Tranquility, or what looks to be the adult version of Owen and Angela's son, or Luke and Angela's son.
(The game is called: Harvest Moon: Animal Parade)

Cute, non?

Well, anyways, the newest game I have from Harvest Moon is called Harvest Moon: Twin Villages (or "Futago no Mura", because I have the Japanese Version):

In this game, what I've learned so far (which is not too far), is you start off apparently moving to a new village to start your farming life. On the way, you crash, and are knocked unconscious. When you wake, you're 'greeted ' by the arguing of the mayors of the two towns.

Long short story, you can choose one town.

The town Blue Bell is a Western Style Town that focuses on raising animals.
The town Konohana is a Japanese Style Town that focuses on growing crops.

When you decide on your town, the mayor will show you around, and give you the clothes that fin the dresscode for the style of town you've chosen.

If you chose Blue Bell, your clothing will be this:

If you chose Konohana, your clothes will be this:


The beginning of the game (where I'm still at) is quite slow, and you learn to use the controls
for the game, and for a few tools you have for farming.

I'll let you know when I've found out more, but I've been a little busy, haha!

Bye bye~

XOXO - Smiley Girl

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