Monday, November 22, 2010 - Review

Oka~y, so... I'm writing a review on's Ultra Angel Blue.

I bought them for $19.99 (USD).

(memo: All lenses are between $19.99 and $22.99 a pair, and include free shipping within the US. Also comes with a free single hello kitty lenses keeper.)

Okay, so...

When I first ordered them, I was really excited.
My friend Jade had referred me there, and let me know they were an extremely safe site,
as she had ordered the same pair from them.

So I checked it out, looked around the site, the reviews and such.
I then placed my order, completed payment, and proceeded to wait.

These were my first pair of lenses, and I didn't know much about them,
so I E-mailed their customer service and asked a few (stupid) questions about my lenses.
The reply wasn't too slow, but it took them a day or two to reply to me~
but when they did, they were very helpful and fully explained what I needed to do in order to
keep my lenses clean and safe for my eyes.

It was shipped first class from New York to Missouri (my state) and expected shipping was about
3 to 5 days, and it was pretty much on time. I ordered it on a Monday (it was shipped on Tuesday),
and received it the next Tuesday that came around, so it was about 6 or 7 days, I believe, depending on whether
or not you include or exclude Saturday.

When I got my lenses, I followed the procedure that had been recommended, and soaked them for 6 hours
in my Aosept cleanser, and then proceeded to let them soak for about an hour in regular solution (optifree).
Next, it came time to wear my lenses, and I couldn't have been more excited.

Since it was my first time, it was a little bit uncomfortable to wear them~
my eyes were watery and they itched (it probably wasn't the best idea to order 14.8mm's as my very first 
pair of lenses- ever), but they were fine after about 30 minutes.

They made my eyes look very huge, and gave them a dolly/elegant look, and I adorethem!
The lenses feel great (because I don't feel them at all!) and I get compliments about them all the time.
It goes well with skin tone, and they really stand out!

I've edited these a bit, but not much :

This site is a safe site to order from, and I highly recommend them. 
They have free shipping to the US & CA,
and even come with a free Hello Kitty single lens case that come in a variety of colours.

XOXO - Smiley Girl❤

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  1. I might buy from this shop soon since it looks like they have some things mycandyeyes doesn't. o.o Still debating on what I want next, though, lol.