Sunday, November 28, 2010

Again with the Vocaloid videos!?

Awhile ago, I started making Vocaloid videos of songs I like with English subtitles under the name
Koinosakurayo. The last video I had posted was of Gakupo's Virgin Butterfly, but it was deleted due to the sexual content I (knowingly) put in to the video.

I'll upload a new (less sexual) version to youtube later, but I'll upload the original here:

While I understand why it was removed from youtube, I did warn that it had sexual content in it,
so I am a bit upset. But like I said, I'll redo it the best I can, along with my translations of
Rin and Len's Adolescense music, and I'll upload it to here, and to my youtube.

I hadn't thought about it when I first made this blog, I hadn't even thought about putting my Vocaloid English/Japanese videos and such up here! I'm so slow, these days...
I think, tomorrow, I'll probably do some make-up that's vocaloid related, I'm not sure though.
But I probably will, haha. Just for fun! (I mean, it'll probably be more Halloween make up, but fun, none the less. I guess I should try to make regular make-up posts too, though, huh? Haha!)

Well, that's it for now! Please follow my blog, and sub to my youtube channels!
I list them here:
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