Monday, November 22, 2010 - Review

Okay, so I just got my new pair of circle lenses.
They're 14.5mm and cost $20.00 per pair.

(memo: All lenses are between $20.00 a pair, and include free shipping within the US. Also comes with a free single lenses keeper.)

What I really loved about this site is that the staff responds quickly to
just about any and all E-mails, and they're the most willingly-helpful staff I've dealt with.
I first E-mailed them after I ordered my lenses, and the link to the tracking number was broken.

They apologized, gave me the tracking number, and then ended their E-mail (like always) with the
usual "feel free to ask any questions". It was very lovely, sine most site moderators just say "thanks" at the end of their E-mail replies to me.

Then, getting impatient waiting for them, about half way through the week of waiting for my lenses, I started to wonder if they'd been shipped or not? So, I E-mailed the staff once more.
They apologized for the delay, and promised to send my lenses out the very next day.

One thing I love about this site (besides their freeshipping), is if you send in your photos, they'll send you a cupon for $5 off your next order (which I have received). But, if you send if a video review (which I'm working on), they'll give you one free pair. Yes, a pair of your choice of lenses, completely free; for a video review.

Moving on,

counting the time from then, it took about half a week to a week; counting the time from when I ordered, it took a week to a week and a half. I'm still amazed at the shipping, it was awesome!
And I was so excited to get my new lenses, of course.

When I received them, they came in two viles with "Rainbow" written on them, and the standard "open here" seal markings on the metal around the caps.

I put them in Aosept for a good 6 hours, let them soak in regular solution for 1 hour,
and BOOM! We have wearable lenses.

Take a look:

I love these lenses, they're my absolute favourite, now!
Despite the way they look in the first and last of the  three photos, they're
more often like the one in the middle, giving me a more natural eye enhancement,
while still giving me the big-green-eyes I'd always have loved to have naturally.

My eyes are particularly small, so being that these are 14.5mm, they fit me much better
than my other lenses that are 14.8mm in size. These are actually so comfortable, to me, that I forgot I was wearing them at one point, and had to check to make sure they were still in my eye.

Long story short,
I adore this site and their lenses, I'll be ordering again A.S.A.P,
so expect to hear from me :)

xoxo - Smiley Girl❤

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