Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dariya Palty Juicy Peach

Okidoki, so, now we're going to be taking a look at
Palty's JUICY PEACH hair colour~ :D

It is a cute, innocent, sweet-heart colour, if I do say so myself.

I purchased this colour from Babykula on Ebay for$14.00 (rounded up).

(This store is great, I love it. First time buying from them, and I will
of course buy more hair colour, and other items from them!!)

They shipped the item the day after I ordered it, and  I received it 3 days later.
I couldn't have been more excited! I wasn't able to colour my hair until Saturday,
and I had received it Wednesday. It was torture to wait so long, let me tell you.

Anyways, skipping ahead.

It's Saturday, around 6:30am and my mum finally says she'll colour my hair, and we begin
the hair colouring process. (I leave to my mums' house about 5:30- so 6:30 was a long time for me)

Opening the box, we received the instructions, items 1 & 2, a brush nozzle, gloves, and the
hair cream rinse :) The mix in bottle No.1 smells like usual hair dye stuff, but obviously not as strong as usual American hair dyes.
This is thicker than American hair dyes, too, and if you don't use it sparingly you may run out a bit quicker than you realize.

I have short hair just above shoulder length, but very thick (I have to get my hair thinned 4 times a month thick) and the colour was enough to do my entire head.

I mixed the items together, got it applied, and left it on for 30minutes (YES, I realize the directions say 20, but it also says no more than 40 minutes, so I went inbetween).

Anyways, I loved how the colour came out after it was completely done.
I think it would have been a bit more the colour I was hoping for had my hair not just been bleached, but I can't complain about the colour as a whole.

Also, depending on the light and camera, the colour your hair looks in a photo & on film will
vary, so  you might want to use a nice camera.  Here are pictures taken in various places, with different lightings:

DSi pictures - High (artificial) Light

Cell pic - Artificial light:

DSi Picture - Low (artificial) light:

DSi pic - natural lighting:

Camera pictures (with flash) - Artificial Lighting

As you can tell from looking at the pictures, the colour is pretty
nice in all types of lighting, but I definitely prefer natural or with camera flash
to really show it off.

It did not make my hair dry at all, my hair is in great condition,
despite the things I put it through before colouring it with palty in the first place.
(before colouring it with Palty, I had my hair bleach blonde for 1 week, then I
coloured over it with dark brown, for about 2 weeks, then I used )

In other words, I recommend this hair colour if you're looking for a nice pink/red/brown
mixed shade, this is definitely the colour for you. It turned out just the shade on the box for
what my hair colour was at the time (the darker shade of the lightest colours), and it didn't kill me with that over powering hair colour smell (I mention this again because I'm really thankful for that~ American hair dyes not only kill me with their smell,
but never take to my hair).

I'll be buying hair colour from the Ebay seller again without question,
and I'd definitely use this colour again when it comes time.

A 10/10 for the Ebay seller, and product.
I couldn't be happier.

(MEMO: being new, if you guys have anything at all you'd be interested in a review
about, I'd love for you to let me know, and I'll see what I can do- I am only 17 and working on a budget, so please understand that ^^★)

XOXO - Smiley Girl❤

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  1. Question! About the colors on the box, does it show what it would look like on a lighter brown? I am shying away though since you said it was bleach based. ^^; And I think I want this type of color but darker for myself.