Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Claire's POP ROCKZ make up review

I recently went to Claire's inside of my local mall, and found a cute make-up set
called "Pop Rockz" for about $10.00~

It contains purple eyeliner, pink lipgloss, pink & blue mascara, and eyeshadow in the
colours Yellow, Purple, Blue, Pink, and Gel eyeshadow that goes on clear glitter.

Here are hte eyeshadow colours:

On the inside it contains a make up tutorial that I thought I'd give a go.

Here are the pictures:



Full Face:

Although the results aren't too bad, it's not very good.
You're supposed to put the gel eyeshadow on first, and then apply the colours
as on the box (which I did), but they didn't seem to want to stay on there, at least not
very vibrantly. It's good kids make up for a halloween costume, but I wouldn't really
pay $10.00 for it, it's worth is only about $3.00 in reality.

I didn't wear them in the photos, but I'll mention it here.
The purple eye liner doesn't stick so well if you apply it on your skin, and it wont stick (or
at least it wont show up) if you put it on your waterline, so I was very disappointed about that.
The Mascara, also, is very low quality. It will only apply on some of your lashes, and it likes to clump together a lot, so it looks silly.

All in all, I'm so disappointed I wasted $10.00 on this.

I definitely wont buy make-up like this from Claire's again~ :(

XOXO - Smiley Girl❤

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  1. I know this is a pretty old review, but I have a suggestion!

    I already know that Claire's make-up isn't really good (it barely has any pigmentation), however, it is build-able!

    If you stashed this make-up away, I suggest trying to get it out again.

    You should use the clear glitter as a highlight under the brow and on the inner corner of the eyes. Layer the yellow colour over the clear glitter on the inner corners only! And also, from the inner corner, to the middle of your bottom eyelash line (where your eye is when you look straight ahead)

    Then, make two large diaganal stripes of the pink and blue across your eyelid, and slightly wing them out to make a cat-eye.

    Then take the purple, and start from where the yellow is left off and bring it up to the end of the cat-eye and blend it in lightly along the tops of the blue and pink. Line with black eyeliner, and then do whatever you do for eyelashes, blush, and lips.

    Hehe, I know it's a lot! But I believe that no make-up should ever go to waste!

    Cute blog, by the way!

    Sorry for the loooong comment~

    P.S. I'm planning on making a tutorial for this look because of your review!