Monday, December 13, 2010

My 18th Birthday~

Hey, everyone! Guess who?
I'm just here to write about my birthday, and the basic things.
I really wanted to show pictures of the things my friends got me, but I don't have the photos.
So I'll save that for another blog post~!

I also plan on reviewing the people whom made my cake, but that is also for another review.

I know what the date says, but my dad just refuses to set the date on his camera.
Anyways, the reindeer with that bird- that's my Starbucks' Christmas theme~! So happy
that I got this cake, it was delicious.

And again- this time with the candles.

This is a picture of me with some friends and family.
From left to right: Kat, Jade, my mum, Kenny, Jolene (sister) and I.

Look at Kaitlin in the background, just being a good Employee!
Anyways, this is Myself, Sierra, Kat, and Jade.
Poor Jade, she just was so sleepy, hehe~

We were photo-bombed! Jade tried to sneak in, too, that silly Korean~❤
I realize my mouth is unattractive here.

Look at Kat & Genni- being all 'look at me' outside in the cold, haha~!
In Genni's world, everyone dances.

Krysta's giving Jade a halo while she's trying to strangle me,
and Kat's making it look like a show she should be selling tickets to~ haha.

Krysta drew this awesome piccy herself, it's so awesome!
She's a great artist~ yup, yup!

Look at Genni, being all like "what it do!?", hehe.

Genni looks so stuck up in this photo, and Jade looks metal.
Kat, on the other hand, is looking at them like "wtf is wrong with you people?", ahaha.

Fact: I was about to die from the cold.
Fact no.2: I have a cold now.

Yes, that is T-mobile in the background~ haha!

Anyways, those are just the pictures I'm going to share right now~
Things are a bit hectic, so it might be a bit.

Bye bye!

XOXO - Smiley Girl❤

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