Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What's up with me?

Wow. I don't have many interesting things to say, anymore.
I'll tell you about things lately.

First off, it's 4:47am on Tuesday, and he's been not acknowledging whenever I speak to him,
and it's starting to get on my nerves. I'll just not talk at all then.

I went to the V.A hospital with my dad yesterday, I really just went because I wanted to get coffee from the little coffee shop inside there, but also because I don't trust him to drive long distances on his own anymore. You know, 'cos he's old and stuff.
We get there, and we discover that they have started serving Starbucks coffee now!
Which would have been great, but they only have a quarter of the menu Starbucks has.
Did not make me a happy camper.

But, I got a drink so did dad.
I hadn't eaten after about 5:00 am, and didn't get another chance until 4:00 or so.
We got to the V.A about 10:10am and got out about 3:49pm... way too long, I tell you.

At the Starbucks, I saw an old guy trying to decide what to order. The man asked for something with ham in it, and they didn't have any. "All we have is something with turkey in it" she said, taking out the Sandwich and showing it to him. "Does that have ham in it..?" he asked. "No, sir, it's turkey. We don't have ham." "Well I don't like turkey, I like ham." "I'm sorry, sir." "Fine then, give me that." She handed him the sandwich and told him his total. "What you got to drink?" he asked. "Coffee, tea, and water, sir." she answered. "What kind of coffee?" he asked; she named the coffee types to him. "Well I don't want none of that. You don't got no coke or nothing?" "No, sir. We have Frappuccinos..." "I don't want a frappuccino, I want a coke." "We don't have coke, sir." "Fine what kind of tea you got?" "Chai, mango, peppermint..." "What about green tea? Do you got green tea?" He asked in that "I guess you probably don't even have that, do you?" tone of voice. "Yes, sir. We do." "Fine then, I guess gimme that. Can't believe this place don't got no coke or nothing."

Honestly, what a jerk. Just because you're a Vet. doesn't mean you can treat people so rudely.
Aren't, when you're in service, you supposed to learn respect?


Well, anyways it's almost Christmas... I'm dreading going to my mums. Everything she does annoys me, no matter what she actually does for me, and I have no idea why... I guess it's because everything this year is so close together, and I'm so stressed, and she keeps making things complicated.

I think I'll do Christmas make-up though.Like, themed. Kind of like my turkey make up.

I also am not able to get my game that I really wanted... I suppose I could get it later, but...
I don't know when I'll have the money,
I'm disappointed... 

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